Saturday, January 2, 2021

Life between Facebook Posts

2020 Turning Over a New Leaf

Leaf Study by Kristye Addison Dudley

This past year we were pretty busy. We started the year enjoying our extended assignment in overseas traveling and planning for our move. Then in February we started to manage life during a strict Italian Pandemic lockdown that lasted until June! In June, we were moving our family from our 5 year overseas adventure stateside. In July we were navigating unpacking and establishing a home in Ohio, Mark started his residency, and he learned to fly. By August, the kids and I embarked on our homeschool journey. When September arrived, we felt like we had finally found our groove.

Then Wednesday, September 30, I felt a pain in my lower abdomen. Thursday the pain was in my lower left abdomen and pain went down my leg. I took it easy that day, but by evening we knew something was wrong. Early Friday morning October 2, I went to the ER. The family dropped me off, they couldn’t enter because of COVID.

I was given lots of pain medication and went through a number of scans and tests.

When the results came back, I had a 10cm mass in my uterus that needed to be removed.

Monday October 5, I had a partial hysterectomy to remove the mass. It was so big the nurses said I should name it. Her name was Cindy (for the centimeters).

While at home recovering, Mark became the main homeschool teacher and everything else for the first couple of weeks. The kids made me cards and I couldn’t be more grateful to the family and friends who were supporting us.

I started feeling better, and was ready to prepare for Fall fun, Halloween, and getting back to life. 4 weeks after surgery, while I was still healing, I got  the results for the biopsied mass. It’s cancerous, a stage 1 endometrial stromal sarcoma. I am immediately told I will need another surgery soon.

I was crushed. Not only was it cancer, but I was so tired of being tired. The recovery from the hysterectomy was slow and painful. I did some research, it’s a very rare cancer and my odds were good. The online info was overwhelming, and there wasn’t anything I could do about the pathology, so that was the last day I did any Google doctoring.

That day, I cried a lot, we prayed, we planned, and in our on way, we moved on with the faith that God had already decided how this would play out. We kept making memories with the kids, I made Halloween consumes, we did Fall crafts, continued homeschooling, and just tried to enjoy life.

December 7, I had a full hysterectomy. This surgery was done with a robot and the recovery has been much faster. We had a wonderful Christmas together. I was able to dance into 2021 with my family and look back over a year so full of blessings that I can’t name them all.

So between all of my great Facebook posts, there were some really hard days that I wasn’t ready to share. The one thing I do know, I appreciate those of you who pray for your friends daily. Those prayers are answered and felt. 

I was talking to my doctor and she said “you’re the third cancer survivor I’ve talked to today!” Two things popped out to me, cancer is a beast and I am a cancer survivor.

I’m not used to saying that I have cancer, let alone that I am a survivor, but I’ll take it. I am grateful to see a new day.

My husband is one of the strongest people I know. All that he did physically and mentally during this time is more than I can list. I am so blessed to have him and so much love in my life.

I am doing well. I am fortunate that it was found early and the surgeries (as difficult as there were) are done. There are some side effects, like surgically induced menopause, so I now have the super power of hot flashes.🔥 I have started treatment to prevent the cancer from coming back, and I’m looking towards 2021 with the expectation that God will continue to guide my path. 

So we are truly dancing and praising into 2021 with purpose, hope, and love. 


Friday, June 5, 2020


I had no idea that my time away from my blog would have been 4 years! During this time my family had continued to live abroad in Italy. I was unable to work professionally as an artist, but I was able to be a stay at home mom for my children.

We have traveled extensively, my children are 5 years older, and my art inspiration has evolved as my sourroundings changed.

I will be updating my website and my blog retrospectively, sharing art from my travels and other adventures we are currently experiencing. Right now my mind and my heart are on other things.

I wanted to share my thoughts here, in my personal space.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Collecting Art - From An Artists Perspective

Flamenco Dancer in Red © Kristye Addison Dudley
Painting ready to ship to it's new home.

Art in itself is a subjective and very personal experience. The proprietors of the work, the collectors, have such a large impact on the art world. There is something for everyone, but finding your perfect match is not always so easy to do when there is so much to choose from.

Some of my proudest moments in my art career stem from finding a new collector. Someone who "gets me." As an artist I have found my collectors making such a positive impact on my work not only financially, but by providing creative confidence. When an artist and collector find a match, it can be one of the most important components to an artist sustained career.

I have also noticed that there is one common thread to my collectors, they like my work. This may sound so simple, but it really is. I have met buyers who search for the latest and greatest celebrity artists or masters for bragging rights. I can completely see the pride one can get from that, like searching for buried treasure. But, I think that most buyers, connect with the art to the point that they "just can leave it."

To help in your search, check out Invaluable's blog In Good Taste,  featuring art and tips on building your own collection. I hope you find your perfect match.

Happy Hunting,

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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Soloist By Contemporary Fine Artist Kristye Addison Dudley

The Soloist © Kristye Addison Dudley

The art show was a success! I had a really nice turn out and my darling husband, showed up with my biggest cheerleaders flowers in their little hands. It was so sweet.

I have had lots of intrest from the show and new sales. The count down to Italy has offically started.

Be blessed,
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red Mum Floral Art by Contemporary Artist Kristye Addison Dudley

Red Mum © Kristye Addison Dudley

I have got some news! We are are moving to Italy! We will be there for three years and I am so excited about this experience. I am not as excited about packing, but it is giving me a chance to look through my work and reflect on my growth.

I am currently painting for my final US show and preparing to sell and store my artwork. Here is a new work for the show painted with palette knife on a canvas board. 

Be blessed,
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Friday, May 22, 2015

AFC Vision Boards | Kristye Addison Dudley

I had the opportunity to help my Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader friends with a bonding craft for their summer retreat. I often pull inspiration from magazines and printed materials for my work and to set goals for myself. The ladies on the team, used my instructional video to create their own vision boards. Try one yourself, they are really fun and a great use of all the old magazines you have lying around.

Best of luck to this years AFC.
Cheers to you,
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's a small world after all | Contemporary Artist Kristye Addison Dudley

I just taught my first palette knife class. It was such a great experience. I covered my basic techniques and tricks like dry painting and wet mixing. I am looking forward to my next class in August.

It's a small world after all...

The time has come! We are having our first Disney family vacation!!! We will be celebrating KJ's 5th day there.

We surprised her with the trip. We took cupcakes to her classroom for her school party. Then we gave her some Minnie Mouse ears and told her we were on our way to DisneyWorld the next day!

We had the most amazing trip and we are already thinking about going again.

Be blessed,
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